Vision & Mission

Through many years working in medicine and emergency response, Adam and I have been involved in our community here in Ohio. As candidates, we hope to draw upon that experience to bring a different perspective– one that is rooted in our work outside of politics.

Like many of you, we believe that it is time to reclaim government that is of, for, and by the people. That is why we invested in new patents and tools that will empower any citizen to change the status quo and take back ownership in our great democracy.

We have been told repeatedly that voters aren’t ready to embrace new tools or hear different perspectives in politics. We respectfully disagree. This is America, after all. Our founding fathers fought to empower a new world full of innovative perspectives. We embrace that upstart tenacity, and as voters ourselves, have faith our community holds the power to change the game.


Adam and I come from big working class families with houses full of kids— both growing up and today. Like many Americans, we felt our choices in 2016 didn’t relate to our families or the lives we lead day to day. It was hard to see how either candidate was representative of the greatest country on earth.

When we first talked about that disconnect, we decided to explore the money behind politics and how insiders manage to feed their pocketbooks first. We filed patents for new technologies that could disrupt the self-serving cycles from insiders, and that grew into concepts we call Minuteman Capital and the People’s Platform.

Minuteman Capital targets dark money behind politics and sheds light on its sources. It not only levels the playing field with big money, it creates rewards for users to root out corruption. It fights Wall Street in the trenches, where friends in low places are more powerful than the few on high.

The People’s Platform is designed to invert how politics works by starting with a simple question: what’s your idea? Adam and I have experience across a broad set of challenges: new company growth, healthcare, gun violence, and the opioid crisis. While we understand these issue on a personal level, we don’t want to be told what to think about them any more than you do.

This is America– you get to say what you think. The People’s Platform amplifies ideas you have to be voted up or down by your peers in your community. This shows which ideas have both the greatest importance and the broadest consensus in our community. It will also help hold political leaders accountable to accomplishing your goals, not theirs.

There’s obviously much more to explore, but suffice it to say Adam and I don’t side with career politicians. We live for the fight, and hope you do too. Thanks for putting up with us, we hope we can make a change for the better.

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