Heavey Challenges Ballot Access

CLEVELAND – Dr. Jon Heavey and Adam Hudak today filed their legal challenge in the Ohio Supreme Court to confirm their campaign has the necessary, qualified amount of signatures to make the statewide ballot for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Heavey’s team found voter signatures that were rejected for being both illegible and printed too legibly. This bears repeating: signatures were deemed both illegible and too legible—on the same form. “Goldilocks would be proud,” quipped Heavey. The campaign also found numerous other signatures that were rejected despite being clearly matched to an eligible voter record.

“Adam and I are very serious about giving voters a choice outside of career politicians, ” said Heavey. “We’re confident we have professional compliance experts working to regain our ballot access. We’re looking forward to moving on to tackle more pressing concerns in our community.”

As political outsiders, Heavey & Hudak anticipated they would face additional scrutiny. They hired a professional campaign team to collect and verify more than twice the minimum number of signatures required. While some signatures are disqualified for appropriate reasons, Heavey and Hudak’s petitions were disqualified roughly 3 times more often than other competitors, and nearly 5 times more often than the top insiders in the field.

Dr. Jon Heavey is committed to fair and transparent politics. He has developed new approaches to shine light on dark money that influences our elections. He intends to continue fighting for open access to the ballot.


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